Grand Master Peter's Cartoons!

Well here I present some forgotten cartoon story I did back in 1987, and it was fully done during classroom time! *LOL*

I have done other work too, but this particular story noted the last championship Olympiakos won in 1987 (and then had to wait ten years to win it again!). I am a big supporter of Olympiakos (and also supporter of FC Bayern) but I would never resort in any fanatism as this sport is supposed to be fun, true? :)

There are 20 small continued episodes of four pages (i.e. 80 images). So please enjoy it! Sorry for no english version, but the greek readers will appreciate the details of some names, the correct scores, plus many other facts that can only be remembered in this cartoon and will bring you a smile!


"O Trihas ths Mpalas!"
(in english: "The One-Haired of Football!")

(in greek characters: "Ο Τρίχας της Μπάλας!")


Miscellaneous (LOL)


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