Various ways to help MAME and keep the nostalgia alive! :)

Serious ways of helping MAME and the arcade games preservation

Donating funds to MAME World which will be used for buying PCBs. The roms will be then dumped and if possible, a MAME driver will be written.

Recommended sites to visit:
MAME World



Searching and finding arcade accessories, donating arcade accessories, or funds to buy arcade accessories.
Arcade accessories are:
PCBs (and are Nr 1 priority), marquees, bezels, control panels, flyers, various paper work (such as dip switches), side art and pictures of undumped games.

Recommended sites to visit:
Guru's site

Arcade Flyers

Writing and/or fixing drivers, plus some oddball sound drivers and discrete sound work.

Recommended sites to visit:
Discrete Logistics
Compiling board

Creating frontends, different compiled versions of MAME, or other add-on programs

Recommended sites to visit:

Identifying and adding games which are not in the unemulated list, and may be used as a reference. (pictures could help)

Recommended sites to visit:
Killer List of Video Games
Video Arcade Preservation Society
Assisting by reporting bugs to MAME Testers or by fixing those bugs.

Recommended sites to visit:
MAME Testers
MAME Testers board


Fun ways of helping MAME and the arcade games preservation

Dedicating websites to arcade games (updates, reviews, important files, manuals, game hacks, etc).

Recommended sites to visit:
MAME World (the best site for MAME stuff)

Arcade Manuals
MAWS Hall of Fame


Creating movies, graphics (rips etc), sounds, and any other way of producing entertainment stuff for arcade games.

Recommended sites to visit:

Actively taking parts in arcade game competitions and/or have demonstrated and proven skills in arcade game(s).

Recommended sites to visit:



Things you REALLY NEED to know
MAME Frequently Asked Questions
Easy Emu


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