The Sounds of Tehkan World Cup

TWC used 3 separate processors to synthesise music and sound effects. During play itself, a short introduction preceeded a 50-second segment that looped imperceptively back to the beginning to create an atmospheric background that would last as long as coins were inserted for extra time. Different musical pieces were used for game type selection, prior to kick-off, scoring a goal, high score table entry and, lastly, a victory theme were you to win the World Cup.

Archived below are all of the musical compositions from the game, in Ace format, including a rare hidden piece that was embedded into the ROM but never used. To unAce the files for listening, you may download this free utility.

Coin Insertion Accompaniment 0:27 (426KB)
Pre-game Buildup Phrase 0:04 (67KB)
Main In-Play Music 1:14 (1,152KB)
Goal Fanfare 0:03 (55KB)
Game-Over Coda 0:05 (77KB)
World Champions Theme 2:32 (2,369KB)
High Score Table Tune 1:06 (1,030KB)
Unreleased Hidden Sequence 0:46 (721KB)

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