TWC is shown here emulated on the PC under MAME32

Playing TWC on your PC

You can play TWC if you have a Pentium 200 MHz or above on account of one of the most amazing pieces of emulation software ever devised. It is called MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) and can be downloaded from . MAME is an open source project in perpetual beta development, so do not expect a great deal of aftermarket support. I suggest that you begin by reading the relevant FAQs and tutorials on their site concerning installation.

Note that most versions of MAME are command-line based and do not have a graphical front end. If you wish a more Windows-friendly environment, I recommend Mame32 available from

There are many revisions of the MAME executable, and not all work as well with a particular ROM. The first version that this author has found to work with TWC was v0.34b. At time of writing, the latest executable version was v0.60, which also proved successful.

Next you will need the Tehkan World Cup ROM image itself, information on which I believe was last available at . You must be made aware that to avoid a copyright breach, you are only allowed to download the ROM if you already own it. Note also that this website cannot provide information on MAME as well as specific links to ROMs, so its intention is to stop short of this. It goes without saying that the creators of Tehkan World Cup deserve every thanks and accolade, as follows:

Character: RIE YATOMI
Cabinet Design: KOHJI OKADA
MAME Credits: Ernesto Corvi, Roberto Fresca

Once you have the ROM, do not unzip it, but place it in the Roms folder in your MAME folder. Neither should you rename the Zip file. Next, start MAME and specify that you want to play Tehkan World Cup. Once you get past the intro screens, press 3 or 5 to insert a coin (depending on the MAME version), followed by 1 to start the game. You're off!

Some important options can be accessed by pressing Tab while in the game, such as the difficulty level. You can also specify mouse input rather than the default cursor keys, which is more difficult to master but ultimately much more rewarding. There are many features of MAME beyond the scope of this website, such as for sound, video and making screenshots. For these, you should proceed to the supplied MAME documentation or the MAME website. For an example of what is possible, all of the TWC-related material on this website, such as the realtime goal replays, was extracted in some fashion using tools integrated into MAME.

Finally, check out the reamining sections of this site for hints and examples of how to play TWC to its optimum level.

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