Tehkan World Cup Statistics and Records

The primary source of records is the Tehkan World Cup MARP page. If two records are equal from different players, the one achieved first receives precedence. If you have beaten any record here or have made an interesting record of your own, send the .inp file (preferably zipped or aced) as proof along with the MAME version used to twc@fihs.net. Our verification procedures will be final.

Due to the time cost of converting such a large amount of data into HTML tables, the records are available for download as Excel sheets. Because different control methods do not produce directly comparible results, a separate sheet is available for the keyboard and mouse, plus a sheet that contains the best overall records regardless of control method.

Two levels of play are supported, MARP and Pro, defined by alternate dip switch settings accessed via the Tab key during the game. The MARP settings were originally defined for use at the Tehkan World Cup MARP page and are the default settings when the game is installed. The Pro settings were devised by Peter (Kastellorizo) at www.powerstrike.net. These are the most difficult settings for play and are useful in presenting a harder challenge to advanced players.

You may download the records here:

MARP (Default) Settings (Game Time: 90 seconds, Speed: 60/60, Difficulty: Normal).
Keyboard Records (MARP settings)
Mouse Records (MARP settings)
Overall Records (MARP settings)

Pro Settings (Game Time: 60 seconds, Speed: 55/60, Difficulty: Very Hard).
Keyboard Records (Pro settings)
Mouse Records (Pro settings)
Overall Records (Pro settings)

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