The Tehkan World Cup FAQ, v1.0.0

This FAQ is maintained by Michael Aidulis.

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Abbreviations used in this document: TWC = Tehkan World Cup

Q. What is Tehkan World Cup?

A. Tehkan World Cup (or TWC) is a soccer video game for 1 or 2 players, made by Tehkan (soon to be Tecmo), initially released in 1986.

Q. Why was it unique?

A. Three things: (1) the trackball control method, (2) the view of play looking down at the field from directly overhead and (3) its speed. The trackball's fine control of direction and power enabled dozens of ways to score and hundreds of ways to build a move, allowing for creative play of an unusually sophisticated level for a video game. The top-down view meant that exactly the way you directed the trackball was exactly the direction your player moved/passed/shot on the screen, making control more intuitive and accessible. The exceptional speed and fluidity of the gameplay was made possible by reliance on sprites rather than 3-D characters, and even a rarely observed trick of only having 9 outfield players instead of 10! An entire move from back to front could take as little as 4 seconds, and some power volleys and headers would hit the back of the net at up to 200mph.

Q. I'm intrigued. How can I play this game? / I wish I could play Tehkan World Cup again. What can I do?

A. Good news! Some clever bastards have emulated it for the PC under software called Mame. See the "Play" section for details of how you can play Tehkan World Cup again.

Q. I want to buy my own Tehkan World Cup. Where should I start?

A. It's an old game and it's rare now, so be prepared for disappointment. You can start by searching online, where a lot of dealers now hang out. Try Usenet. Go to arcades and asking around. Write down the phone numbers on the stickers on machines and call those numbers. You may get nowhere but it's a lead. Remember that you might be dealing with people who don't normally deal with members of the public or who sell machines by the truckload and view you as small potatoes, and keep your conversations short and sweet. If you find a broken game, consider buying it anyway as you might find parts from another TWC to repair it. Be prepared to pay for shipping if necessary. And if you find your very own TWC, I hold my glass to you, for you are a luckier man than I.

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